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Being arrested or accused of a crime can be very intimidating and emotional. The stress and burdens of a criminal investigation and proceedings can cause enormous psychological stress and financial burdens that can negatively affect not only the accused but also his or her family. Worst, the consequences don’t end in penalties like a conviction but leaves behind an imprint that will forever alter the life of the accused and/ or the accused family.

If you are arrested for a criminal charge, remember that you have two rights—1st the right to remain silent and 2nd the right to a criminal attorney. By getting a reliable lawyer you will be more able to defend yourself from a conviction or have a better chance on receiving outcomes such as a reduce sentence.

Why The Law Office of Kathy Holton?

If you have been arrested or accused of criminal crime call The Law Office of Kathy Holton for help. Kathy Holton has been providing one of the best criminal defense representations here in Georgetown Texas, along with Williamson County and Travis County for various clients including adults and juveniles. Her legal expertise and prowess will help ensure that you will receive the best possible results from your case, whatever it may be.

Kathy Holton’s personal and passionate approach in dealing with every criminal case has made her one of the best choices for criminal defense here in Georgetown Texas. Since she is a former prosecutor Kathy Holton has the technical know-how to effectively navigate and communicate through the complicated terrains of criminal justice proceedings.

Kathy understands that nothing is perfect; this is why she wants to uphold and protect your rights and is willing to fight for your case every inch of the way for best possible outcome or result that only she can deliver.

As Kathy’s client you can feel confident of her legal prowess and the comprehensive legal service that you will receive from start to finish which will include: initial consultation, investigation, legal research, pre-trial, and the trial proceedings.

Don’t Hesitate Get The Best Criminal Defense in Georgetown TX

The ability and skill of your criminal defense attorney have an enormous impact on your case, so make sure to choose only the best. The Law Office of Kathy Holton offers you the expertise you need and the right support that you deserve. So, if you are faced with a criminal charge today, call Kathy Holton today!

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