Through the years the State of Texas has been swift and stern in penalizing drivers proven guilty to be Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). If you or your loved one have been caught or suspected of such, we at the Law Office of Kathy Holton strongly advise you to have legal representation immediately.


Having the right criminal defense attorney in your case will greatly lessen the burden that you have to endure. You need someone who can provide insights on the courtroom system and the proper way to handle prosecution with the ultimate goal of protecting your rights.


Here is a quick guide in finding the right DWI attorney for your case.


Gather a Short List of Potential Lawyers

First, it is important to have an attorney from your area for easier coordination and of course a better grasp on the local judge, police, and other officials. You can create list of potential lawyers based on recommendations from family, friends, and colleague, the State Bar Association from your state, and local organizations in your area.


Compare Their Experience, History, Fees, & Other Details 

Once you have a pretty solid line-up of three to ten names, create a chart or list comparing the following information:

  • Experience – Years the attorneys practiced as criminal defense and the particular number of DWI/DUI cases they handled
  • Fees – Initial quotation for your case and if there will be more fees on field work
  • Ethical Record – Possible disciplinary measures or disbarment cases
  • Client Testimony – Personal accounts of happy or unsatisfied clients


Meet Them in Person & Take Advantage of the Free Consultation

When you are down to your top three to five choices, then it’s time to use their free consultation to have your questions answered. Upon meeting them and seeing their office, you can immediately get a feel of how they will handle your case.


Ask About Their Strategy

Although they still need to study the details your case, you should still ask about their initial assessment. You need a criminal defense attorney who’s quick on his/her feet and is both willing to fight for you all the way if necessary.


Check Their Communication Skills

Never underestimate the value of good rapport. What good is a top-notch lawyer for if you can’t understand each other and you don’t fully trust their capabilities?


Why Kathy Holton for DWI Defense in Georgetown?

Being suspected or charged of DWI or DUI can be nerve-racking and stressful; and Kathy Holton, a reputable name in DWI defense, understands that people can have a brush with the law in any point of their lives. Give us a call and schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Kathy Holton today for a quality legal service for you and your family.