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What is an Assault?

Assault is one of the most complex criminal cases there is. Generally, assault is committed by a person if he or she intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily harm or intentionally and knowingly threatens to cause harm to another person knowing that it can be perceived to be undesirable or offensive. Assault allegations may vary depending on some considerations and circumstances involved. These circumstances include to whom the crime was committed against, the degree of damage inflicted to the victim and prior criminal record of the accused.


There are two types of assault, commonly charged to offenders, they are:


  • Assault – This is also referred to as simple assault, which is considered as a misdemeanor offense. However, this can become a felony with higher charges and penalties if they are committed against a family member or a public servant.


  • Aggravated Assault – This is charged to a person if he or she inflicts serious physical injury to another person with the use of a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault is classified as a felony offense and entails higher charges and penalties.


Under the Texas Law, an actual physical injury is not required of an assault victim for the case to be filed. Any physical that cause pain is considered an assault with a Class A Misdemeanor category. Meanwhile, verbal threat or physical contact that is perceived by the other person to be offensive or provocative can qualify as Class C Misdemeanor.


What is Family Violence?

Also known as domestic violence, family violence is the act of committing physical, psychological or emotion harm to a member of the family such as a spouse, co- habitant, parent, grand parent, child, or sibling. Family violence assault is usually considered as a misdemeanor, but it can turn into a felony in the following circumstances:


  • If it is committed against a minor


  • If the victim suffered serious physical injury


  • If the person accused has a previous criminal record


  • If the person accused has been previously convicted of family violence charges


Assault Penalties and Charges

The penalties and charges for assault depend on the circumstances involved. The punishment can range from a fine-only penalty for low-level misdemeanors to serving jail time which may last up to a year or more for higher level misdemeanors. Aggravated assault which can qualify as felony may be penalized with probation or jail time with the most severe felony punishable of life imprisonment.


Why Kathy Holton for Your Assault Defense?

If you or your loved one is currently facing any type of assault charges, you need to find a skilled and reliable assault defense attorney here in Georgetown Texas to make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the best possible outcome from the case. Charges like assault and family violence may cause highly serious penalties, which can gravely affect you today and in the future.


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