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There are various criminal offenses involving prohibited drugs which include illegal street drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or heroin; and prescription drugs like Vicodin or Xanax. A drug crime can be committed in a variety of fashions. The common offenses associated with prohibited drugs include:


  • Drug Possession – Being found to have one or more illegal drugs in possession for whatever purpose.


  • Drug sales, distribution, or trafficking – Selling and trading illegal drugs in exchange of money or other commodities.


  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation – the creation of illegal drugs, or planting in the case of marijuana, for either personal use or sales.


  • Drug Importation – This is also called illegal drug trade, which is the importation of illegal drugs from other countries.


  • Federal drug crimes – Drug crimes that are tried in federal courts due to some circumstances.



Drug crime convictions may carry harsh penalties and can have potential grave effects in the future, so they must be dealt with seriously and with the help of a professional and capable drug criminal attorney. In the State of Texas, those who are arrested and accused of a drug crime may experience extreme mental and financial burdens because the state dedicates massive resources on drug crime prosecution.


Drug Crimes Charges and Penalties in Texas

The punishment for a drug crime conviction depends on various factors and circumstances wherein the crime was committed. The weight of the penalty a convict will get depends on:


  • Type of Drug


  • The Amount of the Drug


  • Instances wherein minors are involved in the crime


  • The location where the offense occurred (i.e. distance from school)


  • If violence or other crimes were committed together with the drug offense


It is with these considerations where a drug crime is tried and eventually given punishment. A drug crime’s penalty can be made heavier due to aggressive prosecution or be made lighter with the help of an excellent representation. Among the penalties of drug crimes involves one or more of the following:


  • Fines


  • Probation


  • Community Service


  • Jail Time


  • Seizure of Property


  • Mandatory participation in rehabilitation programs


Why Kathy Holton?

Kathy Holton offers capable and reliable legal assistance to those arrested and charged of drug crimes here in the Georgetown Texas area. An as a former prosecutor, Kathy Holton knows how to be on the side of the prosecution and can help you with strategies that can effectively defend you in this drug accusation. Her long years in legal practice and her experience in handling various drug defense cases has helped her gain the wide knowledge and impressive technical know-how to effectively fight for her client in any drug related case may it be cocaine, marijuana, heroin, Vicodin or Xanax.


Kathy Holton understand that each case needs to be dealt with upmost concern and moral support for the person involved may it be a man, woman, child, teenager, or an adolescent, as well as his or her family. It is with this that she is able to provide personalized approach that makes her clients confident and comfortable throughout the drug proceedings.


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