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An individual charged with cocaine related criminal charges faces severe penalties in the State of Texas. In order for the detained individual to get the best possible outcome in a court of law there must be adequate legal representation from an experienced lawyer. A good lawyer is an advocate for the freedom of the individual arrested and will work tirelessly to ensure the defendant is treated fairly in a court of law.


Kathy Holton has the skills and background needed to get the best outcome for cocaine related drug charges in the State of Texas. If you or someone you love is facing cocaine charges, it’s imperative to your freedom that you contact Kathy immediately. Texas is regarded as one of the most regimented states in the country when it comes to serving swift and harsh punishments for all drug charges in Texas.


When you’re dealing with a high risk, schedule II drug like cocaine, judges are even quicker to serve hard penalties involving high financial restitution and lengthy prison terms.


Whether you’ve admitted to the drug charges brought against you or not, it’s essential to your freedom and lively hood as well as the preservation of your way of life to call Kathy Holton and let her begin building your case.


Cocaine and the State of Texas

Cocaine often referred to as blow or coke is one of the most dangerous controlled substances as labeled by the DEA. The chances for addiction to cocaine in its various forms have given the drug a reputation as a drug not to be trifled with.


Under severe Texas Law, the penalty for any possession, sales, distribution, manufacturing or other related charges is dependent upon the amount of cocaine and the background of the defendant facing charges.


The Following Penalties May Be Served for any Cocaine related Drug Charges


  • Less than 1 gram of cocaine is considered a state felony and will result in a fine of up to $10,000 and as many as 2 years in prison.


  • 1-3.99 grams of cocaine is a 3rd degree felony in the State of Texas and is severed up to a $10,000 fine and 2-10 years in prison.


  • 4-199 grams is a 2nd degree felony in the State of Texas and will result in up to a $10,000 fine and from 2-20 years in prison.


  • 200-399 grams is considered a 1st degree felony in Texas and is served a fine of up to $100,000 and from 10-99 years in prison.


You can easily see that the State of Texas serves defendants of cocaine related charges with severe penalties and with extreme prejudice. Factors that will affect the outcome of the case are: criminal history, the presiding judge over the case, case specific details, and the witness’s cooperation with law officials.


More Information on Cocaine Possession and Drug Charges in the State of Texas

Drug courts are a viable option for defendants with drug related charges in the State of Texas. They are offered as a way to help defendants overcome addictions, avoid prison time and lower the financial penalties associated with their case. They are not available in every area of Texas; Kathy Holton can help you determine if drug court is available in your area and a wise choice.


Drug courts are difficult and take serious dedication from the defendant to complete but oftentimes more attractive than a lengthy prison sentence.


If you or someone you love has been charged with cocaine possession or related charges in Texas, it’s imperative to your future that you contact Kathy Holton and let her look at your case immediately. Quick decision making and quality legal representation during these unfortunate times could be the only thing that saves you from a life in prison.


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