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A person charged with steroid related charges in the state of Texas is looking at serious charges. Texas is always known to serve extreme penalties to all drug related charges. For a person to get the best outcome from facing a court battle on steroid charges, an experienced lawyer is needed. A quality lawyer will work hard and do whatever is needed to see to it that the defendant is treated fairly in the court room.


Kathy Holton has the needed skills and background that is required to get the best outcome for steroid charges. If you’re facing charges or no someone who is, contact Kathy immediately to increase the chances of gaining freedom. Texas has always been known as one of the strictest states in regards to drug charges and serves severe punishments in most cases.


Regardless of your admittance to the charges, you’ll need representation as soon as possible to see the best outcome in your case.


Steroids and the State of Texas

Anabolic steroids are a schedule III drug and seen as highly addictive and dangerous. The DEA pushes the severe penalties related to steroid use and possession, it is not a drug that is taken lightly.


Under the extreme Texas law, the penalty for any related charges to steroids is dependent on the type, amount and background of the charged.

The Following Penalties My Incur for Anabolic Steroid Possession:

Steroid offenses incur different penalties than other drugs in the State of Texas due to their unique nature. Any of the following can be anticipated depending on different circumstances like quantity in possession and the background of the defendant.


Anywhere from a 3rd degree to a 1st degree felony can be charged against the arrested individual and a fine from $1,000-$5,000 as well as up to two years in prison.


It’s easy to see that Texas does not take steroid charges as a laughing matter. In fact, they view it just as dangerous as any other street drug and will give defendants harsh punishments without remorse.


More Info on Steroid Possession in the State of Texas

There are drug courts in the state that have been designed to give offenders a second chance. They were created to help defendants avoid extreme prison sentences and fines. They are not available in all parts of the state, Kathy Holton can inform you if drug court is a viable option for you.


A drug court is not to be taken lightly by the defendant, they are hard, take dedication. They are however, more attractive than a life in prison.


If you or someone you know and love is charged with anabolic steroid related charges in Texas, contact Kathy Holton immediately. Your future, your families future and freedom could depend on the response time and how much time is given to Kathy to prepare. Her legal representation may be the only thing that saves you in a court of law.


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