First DWI

The first offense of a DWI is when the individual is driving a motor vehicle with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) above the legal limit. It can also refer to when the driver is impaired in any way mentally or physically even though they feel they are not and think they are fully able to drive. At Kathy Holton Law we understand that it’s a tough situation and we are prepared to represent you to get through the process with as little of an impact on your life as possible.

Georgetown First DWI Lawyer

Since every case is different it’s important to have all the facts on the table. With the right review we may be able to use different arguments in your defense. It’s important that we begin to prepare your case as a first time DWI offense in Georgetown Texas could include the following specific penalties:


  • Fine of $2,000
  • Ignition Lock Device In Your Vehicle
  • Community Service and Supervision
  • Month Visits With a Probation Officer
  • Requirements to Attend a DWI School
  • Court Fees
  • Criminal Record

How Penalties Work

There are certain penalties which are mandatory depending on the level of the DWI. All are adjustable however depending on the specifics of each case and what the judge deems appropriate. Factors like the blood alcohol level and injuries caused will affect the outcome of the case and its suitable punishments.

Why Kathy Holton Law?

Kathy has had the opportunity to handle cases of every type with a highly successful win ratio. Her years of wins and various trials have given her the needed experience to see cases from multiple angles to give the best suited representation.


At The Law Office of Kathy Holton You Get:

  • Aggressive DWI defense measures from a professional defense attorney
  • Exceptional strategies developed from actual time in the prosecution seat
  • Skilled methods for handling you Texas DWI case
  • Legal assistance which is focused and devoted to providing a sound investigation
  • Outstanding track record of high quality representations


You can speak with us directly by calling us online and if you’re seeking a DWI defense lawyer in the Georgetown area then the Law Office of Kathy Holton is the one to call.

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