Multiple DWI or DUI

When a person is arrested for multiple DWIs in the state of Texas, the offenses can lead to the highest levels of fines and penalties. Regardless of how many DWI arrests a person has, Kathy Holton can help you better understand upcoming court procedures and available options.

Georgetown TX Multiple DWI Lawyer

Kathy Holton, located in Georgetown Texas, specializes in DWI/DUI cases in the state. Her abilities provide each defendant with thorough, strong, and highly effective legal representation in the Georgetown Texas and surrounding areas. She is an experienced lawyer, highly respected, with a serious background in the DWI/DUI field of law.

Kathy understands that unfortunate situations happen. Your specific situation must be addressed from a unique angle. Without proper representation any combination of the following penalties may be incurred.

  • Up to Ten Years in Prison
  • Seizure of License
  • Annual Fees and Fines
  • Texas DWI Surcharges
  • Ignition Control System
  • Drug and Alcohol Programs
  • Regular Visits to a Probation Officer

How Penalties Work

The state of Texas serves strict punishment for multiple DWI/DUI convictions. The final decision is always at the mercy of the court and penalties can be altered at the judge’s discretion depending on the severity of the case.

Why Kathy Holton?

Kathy Holton holds a long background of success in accomplishing several DWI/DUI wins in the state of Texas. Her previous wins and experiences give her the ability to analyze and determine the best course of action for any case. When you hire Kathy as your lawyer you get the following:

  • A highly driven and successful lawyer with dozens of wins in the court room
  • Tried and proven tactics from a lawyer with an extensive defense background
  • Excellent levels of professionalism and handling of your court cases
  • Top of the line advice from a legal professional
  • Astonishing track record in numerous representations

Lastly you can contact us by phone if you are in need of a DWI defense lawyer in the Williamson County or Georgetown Area.

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