2nd DWI or DUI

The second offense of DWI can incur very serious penalties which are more severe than that of the first time offender. The heftiness of the fines and jail time are all increased with a second time conviction and may have an even greater impact on your personal and professional life for years to come.

Georgetown TX Second DWI Lawyer

We are aware that these unwanted situations and slip ups occur. Through the years we have gained an understanding and the experience required to battle second time DWI cases.

Your situation is unique and we will approach your case in a way which best increases your chance for a win. With the right defense we may be able to secure your win faster and easier than you may anticipate. It’s important that we begin second time DWI case in Georgetown Texas area as soon as possible as the increased specific penalties could include:

  • Fine of $4,000
  • Community Service and Supervision
  • Frequent Visits to a Probation Officer
  • Extensive Legal, Court and Penalty Fees
  • Suspended License for Up to Two Years
  • DWI School
  • Counseling
  • Ignition Interlock Device   

How Penalties Work

In the state of Texas all penalties are not final until the decision has been made by the court. The court can however alter the penalties as needed if there are special circumstances or extreme levels of intoxication or injuries caused in any accidents resulting from the DWI.

Why Kathy Holton?

Kathy Holton has a long progressive history of handling various DWI cases with an exceptional win ration. Her multiple cases from the past allow here to see your case from different viewpoints resulting in the best possible representation.

At The Law Office of Kathy Holton You Get:

  • A highly determined DWI case from a determined defense lawyer
  • Tactics developed from an attorney with history in the prosecution seat
  • Skilled and thorough handling of your Texas state DWI case
  • Excellent legal advice and assistance from a professional that will give a sound investigation
  • Unbelievable track record in numerous representations

Lastly you can speak with us directly by calling us if you’re seeking a DWI defense lawyer in the Williamson County or Georgetown Texas area.

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