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Felonies are the most serious legal charges that a person can face. In the penalty spectrum, felony offenses have the highest degrees of punishments and charges, and they also have the gravest collateral consequences for the accused. A felony offense may entail mandatory minimum sentencing regardless of the circumstances, and may cause the following:


  • Revocation of the right to vote until the end of probation/parole.


  • Denial of access to public assistance.


  • Deportation for non-citizens despite a permanent residency status.


  • Revocation of professional licensing and employment- related restrictions.


Felony Classification and Punishments in Texas

Under the Texas Penal Code, felony offenses are classified into five with varying punishments. They are:


  • Capital Felonies – These are the most serious types of felony offenses and have the most severe punishments. A capital felony conviction maybe punished of either death penalty or life sentence without parole. In trials wherein the state do not seek death penalty, the convicted may be sentenced to life imprisonment with parole.


  • First Degree Felonies – A person convicted of a first degree felony charge can be penalized with imprisonment for 5 to 99 years and fines not exceeding to $10,000.00


  • Second Degree Felonies – The punishment for second degree felony include a period of 2 to 20 years of incarceration and fines that can amount up to $10,000.00


  • Third Degree Felonies – Third degree felony is punishable with a period of 2 to 10 years of imprisonment and fines not exceeding to $10,000.00


  • State Jail Felonies – State jail felony is punishable with imprisonment of 180 days to two years and a fine of not more than $100,000.00. Some state jail felony convictions, like crimes committed with the use of a deadly weapon, are penalized with a third degree felony punishment.



Some jurisdictions in the state of Texas are now giving alternative punishment options like community service programs and rehabilitation.


Representation from The Law Office of Kathy Holton

Kathy Holton’s experience and expertise in providing excellent criminal defense can help you with any of these felony charges:


  • Felony DWI – DWI cases like Third offense or consequent DWI and DWI while driving with a minor.


  • Felony drug crimes – This involves the possession, selling, and trafficking of prohibited drugs and drug paraphernalia.


  • Felony theft crimes – The act of stealing another person’s property qualified as a felony.


  • Robbery / burglary -Taking of another’s property with force or causing physical injury.


  • Felony sex crimes – Types of sex crimes that qualify as felony include child sexual abuse, improper relationship between educator and student, sexual assault, prohibited sexual conduct, and child pornography among others.


  • White collar crimes – These are crimes usually committed by high- ranking business people, usually relating to business finances.


  • Internet crimes – These are crimes done in within and with the use of the internet like identity theft, consumer fraud, hacking and child pornography.


  • Federal crimes – These are crimes charged in a federal court like mail fraud, tax evasion, counterfeiting, immigration offenses, crimes against federal property and others.


  • Murder and Manslaughter – Causing the death of a person either intentionally or recklessly.

Why Kathy Holton?

As a former prosecutor, Kathy Holton knows how to think of a case from an opposite side’s point of view, which helps her devise the best strategies to help you with your case. By choosing The Law Office of Kathy Holton, you get highly- skilled representation that will help you gain the best possible outcome for your felony here in Georgetown Texas.


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