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Juvenile crimes are sensitive matters due to the involvement of our minors, youth, children, or young adults. An arrest or a criminal charge can have grave effects to your son or daughter, today and in the future. This is why proactive measures need to be taken in order to get the best possible scenario or outcome for your child and your whole family.


If your young adult has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need to find a juvenile criminal attorney that you can trust and who is able to provide you with expert legal advice while making sure that you receive the caring attention you deserve when it comes to these sensitive matters of our youth.


At the Law Office of Kathy Holton, we provide you with the needed legal assistance and personal close attention to any of the following juvenile crimes:


  • Possession of Alcohol / Underage Drinking – Instances when your minor is arrested for possession of alcohol or for alcohol abuse.


  • Juvenile Sex Crimes – Commission or involvement of abusive sexual behavior or acts against another person’s will or consent.


  • Vandalism – Charge of defacing or damaging other people’s property.


  • Shoplifting / Retail Theft – Criminal charge for stealing commodities or items from a store open for business.


  • Drug Crimes – Crimes involving use, possession, and distribution of prohibited drugs, commonly, juveniles are charged with drug abuse.


  • Violent Crimes – These types of crime include homicide, assault, robbery, kidnapping, arson, carjacking, sexual assault, and others.


Kathy Holton will fight aggressively for any of these cases, whether they are handled in juvenile courts, district courts, county courts, or if your child faces accusation as an adult offender.


Why Kathy Holton?

The Law Office of Kathy Holton provides excellent juvenile defense assistance in the Williamson County area. With Kathy Holton, you can be confident that your case will be handled perfectly from investigation, legal research, pre-trial, and trial.


Kathy Holton understands the sensitivity of juvenile crimes and their immense potential to inflict permanent negative effects to the lives of our young people. This is why she is always willing to fight to see to it that the accused juvenile offenders she represents receive the best possible legal defense.


With her legal experience as a former prosecutor, Kathy Holton has the expertise and the experience to handle any criminal defense case for adults and juveniles. Her personal involvement in many cases that she efficiently handled before help her gain the right insights, knowledge, and enhanced her technical expertise to get the best benefits for the people she represents.


Kathy Holton also understands that a Georgetown Juvenile Criminal Attorney should also have the capability to provide moral and emotional support to the people they represent. People charged for a crime need to have the assurance, commitment, professionalism, and passion from their lawyer who represent them.


Commitment to Excellence from Kathy

Every case, no matter how minor or grave the accusations are, can be distressing to families. The effects of investigations and case proceedings can be traumatic. This is why it must be handled with professional and personal attention, and people arrested or charged of any criminal offense should receive the right legal service for them.


If you are looking for an excellent lawyer with an impressive track record in handling various juvenile defense cases, contact The Law Office of Kathy Holton today!


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