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A misdemeanor charge is a lesser offense as compared to felony and the punishments are lighter. However, being convicted of a misdemeanor still has very serious consequences. A misdemeanor charge can cause mental and financial burdens to a person’s family here in the Georgetown Texas area.  When convicted, it may cause the person to encounter future employment- related problems, be denied the right to carry a firearm, and may even be denied of getting an occupational license.


If you or any of your loved one is facing a misdemeanor charge, the help of a capable misdemeanor lawyer is necessary to help you get the best possible outcome from the case. A professional lawyer can help you reduce the punishment, if not to totally dismiss the case. Make sure that you find the best lawyer with a good track record and the right technical know-how in handling misdemeanor cases.


Misdemeanor Offense Punishments in Texas

Misdemeanor offenses are classified into three classes, which vary in their punishments. These are:


  • Class A Misdemeanor Offense – These offenses are considered the most serious in the misdemeanor offenses spectrum. It is punished by fines of up to $4,000.00 and incarceration of up to 1 year.


  • Class B Misdemeanor Offense – These offenses are less offensive than Class A misdemeanor offenses punishable by fines of up to $2,000.00 and jail time of up to 180 days.


  • Class C Misdemeanor Offense – These is very light offenses that are punishable by fines of up to $500.00.


Although incarceration may be avoided in most misdemeanor charges, there are other punishment options provided for by the law including probation and community service. Some misdemeanor offenses may also be charged as a felony in some circumstances, including:


  • The use of weapon in the act of the offense.


  • If the accuses is a multiple offender.


  • The age of the person whom the crime was committed against.


Why Kathy Holton?

Misdemeanor charges should be taken seriously because of the possible consequences that they entail, and this is what The Law Office of Kathy Holton believes. That is why Kathy gives her best legal assistance to every client no matter how light the charges are. With her experience and expertise, you will be assured that she will fight for your case aggressively to get the best outcome for you and your family.


Kathy Holton provides excellent legal advice to clients in Georgetown, Texas especially in the Williamson County and Travis County area.  She has an impressive track record in handling various criminal misdemeanor defense cases and making her clients feel that they represented in the best possible way.


With The Law Office of Kathy Holton, you get:


  • Personal attention to your case.


  • The experience of a former prosecutor who knows how to be on the side of the bench.


  • Expertise gained through years of experience.


  • Thorough legal assistance from investigation and legal research to trial proceedings.


  • Legal service you can really trust.


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