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Williamson County is generally recognized as a great place to live in and to have a family. However, as any other area, crime is still inevitable. This is why families, establishments, and individuals need to have a go-to person or institution in cases of emergencies.


Here at the Law Office of Kathy Holton, we advise that when asking for legal assistance, ask yourself: How is the situation? What are your resources? What are your options?

More Information on Williamson County

Situated on the north side of Austin, Williamson County is a continuously growing city with a population of approximately 489,250, as of 2014. Often acknowledged in the country as one of the best cities to live in, it is a grid of fertile ground: rocky terrain and hills in the west, and rich farming lands in the east.


After many years of gaining more investors and larger employers, Williamson County is transforming from a simple residential city, to a self-sustaining metropolis. More and more citizens have become less dependent in gaining income from neighboring areas, and are now having jobs and building their business in their own city.

Current Cities That We Are Serving

Here are the following cities in the county: Ausin, Barlett, Cedar Park, Coupland, Florence, Georgetown, Granger, Hutto, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Taylor, Thorndale, Thrall, and Weir.


If your area is not mentioned, please contact us to clarify.

Why Have the Law Office of Kathy Holton?

When facing legal problems, especially those concerning you and your family’s welfare, it is not enough to have a good lawyer. What you call for is a representative, a defender, an adviser, a mediator — a professional with the combination of years of experience for insight and genuine compassion in upholding justice.


Kathy Holton is a woman who can not only defend your case, but also the principle by which you uphold. Providing one of the best criminal defense representations in Williamson County, along with Travis County, Texas, Kathy has been fighting legal battles for years, helping various clients, including adults and juveniles.


After having established her firm in 2010, Kathy Holton has honed her 25 years of experience and wisdom in the craft and dedicated her entire time in practicing what she considers her forte: criminal defense.


For legal assistance and advice, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Kathy Holton today here in Williamson County.

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